ATNT Laboratories is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified life sciences company, dedicated to providing a range of products that support innovative research in Obesity & Dibetology, hematology, immunology, cancer research, developmental biology, Animal Diagnostics and many other areas of life science research. 

ATNT Laboratories specialized products are available for a wide range of research applications, and are complemented by a diverse array of cytokines, antibodies, and tissue culture reagents for use in scientific research and drug discovery from our principal companies from USA and Europe.

Quality, Ethics & Thrust area of operation
• Operations accomplice to national regulatory norms.
• Develop and execute aggressive Business Plan
• Grow faster than the industry average
• Build up a strong information and infrastructure committed to customer service
• Adopts its high integrity “Code of Conduct” for all employees & business partners
• Organize and participate in scientific conferences and awareness programs

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